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Who we are:

Our website address is: managed by Victor Eduardo Blanco. 

Direction for data rectification, delete and modification:

Victor E Blanco

P.O BOX 158 – Juan Antonio Fernandez 4

Tudela (31500), Navarra, Spain.

Remember that the postal service is not always infallible, if you want the receipt of your letter to be accurate, choose a certified shipping method, in case of sending by ordinary mail, keep in mind that there is a small possibility that the letter will be lost , especially if you are exercising your rights related to LOPD (Spanish data protection laws) and see that they are not rectified send another letter. We take very seriously everything related to privacy.

Personal data collected:

When visiting this website, cookies are collected by Google and the site itself. These cookies allow us to identify users together with certain data such as IP address and preferences of their Google profile, among others similar, with the purpose of monitoring the use made on the website and analytical metrics for the site. If you log in to this website, cookies will be stored on your computer containing the logged in session. At the time of user registration, all the data provided by you during the registration process will be stored, such as username, password, email and billing information in case of making a purchase. These billing data are processed through Paypal Europe Ltd, leaving a copy registered in the database of this website on the servers of the contracted hosting being this Virmach Ltd, ultimately a physical copy of the billing data of the customers. All personal data except for billing, for obvious reasons, carry the right to be deleted or rectified at the request of the user, this includes registration data among others. Regarding digital data, in this case Cookies, being stored in the visitor’s or client’s computer, it is your responsibility to delete them from your browser if you see fit, all analytical data is anonymized by Google as well as passwords. which are stored in encrypted hashes.


You will only receive communications regarding user registration, orders placed and in case of technical problems when ordering or processing downloads. Unless you wish to receive commercial communications, you will be asked about it and they will only be sent with your consent.